GI created six pictures, three being sad and the other uplifting, through the use of colour.
For my sad picture I chose to place the model against a blue wall, wearing a blue item being her t-shirt. The reason behind this is due to the effect that the blue tones influence on the mood of the photo. I decided to choose the colour blue, as blue is a very gloomy, poignant and miserable colour as depicted in images 1 to 6. In depth, the colour of the blue t-shirt the model is wearing creates a sad mood like seen in image 1 to 3 where each model is wearing either blue fabric or clothes. Adding blue fabric and background makes the mood of the photograph to be sadder. For my uplifting picture I chose to place my model against a yellow background, wearing a yellow t-shirt. The reason behind this is due to the happy and uplifting effect and mood that the colour yellow brings to a scene like seen in images 6 to 9. Yellow projects lots of light which creates an uplifting effect to the image whereas blue entails a darker effect on the image creating a gloomy and miserable tone. The colour yellow is a warmer tone which essentially makes one feel warmer and happier whereas the colour blue is a cooler tone which leaves a cool, empty and depressing mood which is why I chose the colour blue for my sad photograph and the colour yellow for my uplifting photograph.

I hope you guys liked these photos and feel free to like, comment or share

until next time,

The Meraki xo


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