Hello to the world! As you all may have seen, my name is Mikayla Zorich. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Durban, South Africa. At a young age I was fortunately given the opportunity to travel and when I did my hands were always occupied by a camera. I loved traveling, from camping in the most exotic wilderness camp sites to road tripping with the family. But my utmost favorite thing about traveling always seemed to be the end of the travels where I was then able to share all my exotic experiences with family and friends at home, through my photos. And that was around about the time where I decided that becoming a photographer was my biggest dream. Photography became a huge part of my life and I then decided to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer. At the age of 13 I attended a professional photography course and soon after, a professional photo shopping course. And yes I was the only child in both of my courses which was a bit daunting at times but it only pushed me to be better. Once both of my coarses were completed I decided to experiment with photography and enjoy it as a hobby. In my matric year at Durban Girls’ College I took on the roll of being the head of Photography in our marketing department and I thoroughly enjoyed that. towards the end of my matric year I shadowed Grant Pitcher who is a professional photographer, he was extremely inspiring and helpful in giving me a clearer idea of how to pursue my dream. I am now currently studying Photography at Vega University situated in Umhlanga, South Africa. Vega inspired me to expose my photography to the world and so I decided to do this through my blog, The Meraki. Throughout my blog I will be showing you my travels through my photographs and I will be selling them.

I hope you enjoy my blog and my photography.

Feel free to comment, ask questions and interact with me as I post.

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